You often ponder the significance behind a DJ’s name… How did that come about? Time? Place? In the case of SheaButter, his name was given to him by a mystery-flavor, cinnamon-skinned angel.

The man who “speaks with his hands” can be seen spinning in the South Bay, Santa Cruz to Purist Boutique in SF, to cross town parks where his music is enjoyed just as much as the Senorita Bread. SheaButter reflects on his style remembering “getting woken up by his mom’s tunes from the Afro Cuban Rhythms and Santana to Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder”. Those early morning wake up calls became embedded in the mind and soul of SheaButter as heard through his eclectic, free flowing genre crushing mixes showered with “green”smooth(ie) blends. He connects genres similar to the way the Bay Bridge connects land.

The ‘wise elephant’ is constantly keeping his ears open to unheard music. He thrives off the new talent buzzing in the city he chooses to call home and spies parallels to “old Stonesthrow vibes” when working with fellow BVMO kin Dstruskt, Rcade & SmoovGroovs. He speaks for the lost abstract spirits that leave their music behind for honest souls. There is a certain calmness Butter possesses as if he has been chosen to instinctively continue playing music for those that pursue their passions.